Learning to Fly


When I was a child

the encyclopedia

was always my closest friend


“A” was for animals

“B” was for birds

well worn by the time I was ten


I wanted to fly,

run free through the world

free of the childhood disease


that struck at age four

and crippled my body

but left my mind fully complete


I didn’t know then

that I’d overcome that

and live a full life of great pleasure


When I got older

I then understood

that my mind was the ticket to leisure


A good education

A career of success

A marriage with two fine kids


I traveled the world

and experienced life

better than most people did


But the urge for freedom

has never let up

and now that retirement is near


I’m back to the animals

and watching the birds

and learning the habits of deer


My encyclopedia

is far in the past

but I still carry it in my brain


The future I wanted

is what I have now

By flying I outran the pain.