The Unfolding Story


The most delicate of dances, the most hesitant of steps

Growing closer, unsure, not yet, not yet…

Exchanging words, changing words, a whirling wind of moods

Still the dance brings them closer and closer, close enough to upset…


Second thoughts, can they do this, can it be, please let it be?

Wheel of life turns on, so do they, willingly

Only one way to know, eye to eye, knee to knee

A lifetime to fit into one memory.


The story unfolds, one more step in the dance

Brought on by a hunger, for just one more chance

What will it bring them? This wild time will tell

It looks to be going so wonderfully well…


So much to discover, so much yet to share

Impossible to convey by messages in air

A long shot; they know, but it must be explored

An unfinished story, each one so adored.







Delicate dance, hesitant steps

Closer, unsure, not yet…

Exchanging, changing, whirling in moods

Closer, and closer, upset…


Second thoughts, can it be?

Wheel turns on, willingly

Eye to eye, knee to knee

A lifetime in one memory.


The story unfolds, still they dance

A hunger for just one more chance

What will it bring? Time will tell

It’s going so wonderfully well…


Discovering, so much to share

More than thoughts delivered by air

Together, so much to explore

Each dancer completely adored.