Upon Becoming a Poet (Disclaimer)                              12/29/14


I write about the human condition

Happiness and tears, our loves, our fears

I prefer to write joyous things

but sometimes I have to shift gears


We’re dealt things in life

we must take as they’re found

Through our stages of life

Curtain up, curtain down


How we react to the things in this deal

reflects how we are, how we think, how we feel

A poet is driven to write of those things

The sad things in life; what happiness brings


Age isn’t needed, though it certainly helps

For me it started in strife

I’d experienced great joys and sadness

But it was not the end of my life


I sat at the counter, just watching the fan

And realized I was forming a plan

The future was open, the past dead and gone

So it was time for hearing new songs


I opened my eyes, took a hard look around

and to my surprise, it was poetry I found

“Optimism” took shape as I thought

Some of the best words that I have wrought


I’ve never looked back, started writing that day

With a wealth of experience to show me the way

And I add to that from the things that I see

My poems contain only pieces of me


All that I write, whether fiction or truth

Reflects what I’ve seen since the days of my youth

Subject and style may change day to day

But the bottom line is, it’s what I want to say


Good poetry should give you pause, make you think,

and that is my goal as I write

If I manage that, then my goal is complete

…’til the next verses come in the night.