Friends and Lovers


There’s no poetry in me, not even a scent

Though I know where it has gone, yes I know where it went

It went with you when you skipped out, back to your hiding place

Somewhere between “I love you” and “Baby, I need space”


I didn’t see this happening, like it did again

Since now I know you can’t control it, I’ll just be your friend

And hope that you’ll come back to me to let our path resume

We don’t have the time, you know, to waste while love can bloom


I thought our path would be so wide, and have no room for this

But now it seems that you can’t even bear a single kiss

Remember that our tapestry is one knit for the bold

And all our friends around us, Dear, are getting so damned old


Since you won’t let me talk to you, discuss it face to face

These rhymes I don’t call poetry must do it in my place

I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you still tomorrow

Your have brought me happiness, though you have brought me sorrow


Give me anything you want, and take it back away

I’ve no more control than you, so Baby, here I’ll stay.