What Elf?


On the night before Christmas

in the Noisy Man’s house

Nothing is stirring

except me, the mouse.


Foot-skins are hung

by the chimney up there

Out of my reach;

I just want a mouse share…


The man-pups in bed

seem as though they’re entranced

Like I get when dreaming

of cheeses from France


Noisy Man getting ready for bed

Why does he put that thing on his head?

But he’s not alone, the She does it too

The way they cavort, they should be in a zoo


Just as I was about to start roaming,

A ruckus broke out in the front…

Noisy was getting up out of bed, groaning

He threw back the sash, with a grunt


Whatever he saw out there rendered him speechless

but it was all over for me

Too much disturbance for a shy little mouse

So back to my hole I must flee.


The night was an uproar;

I stayed hid away

And the day followed suit

so I stayed hid all day


But later, that evening,

when things settled down

A mouse smorgasbord!

Oh, the things that I found!


I have no idea

what happened last night

If I’m still here next year

I’ll stay through my fright,


And learn what it means,

the words heard, out of sight

Merry Christmas to all,

And to all a good night!