As we go through life and its changes, we travel roads that sometime take us places that cause us to leave loved ones behind. Yesterday Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” was on my mind, and I began to wonder how his poem might have changed had he written it later in life. So, with apologies to Mr. Frost, this is what came of the speculation:

The Road Revisited

Roads diverging, more than two
Leaves are yellowing again
Which one leads me back to you?
I feel a touch of deja vu
When I think of you, my friend

I made my choices once before
But never left the thought behind
When walking through the open door
That surely life could offer more
Still wondering what I didn’t find

Now I’m free to choose anew
A privilege too rarely given
Many things I want to do
I know would be more fun with you
It’s what makes life worth living

Somewhere down the road ahead
Wherever the road leads us hence
No matter what the past has said
No matter where the road has led
Sharing with you made the difference