Missing you


Lonesome blues got me
In their grip
All my resolve wants to slip
It’s been a week
Since I heard your voice
Two weeks since we made that choice

My world is upside down

I need you so
I can’t let you go
I need to know you are well
Not just getting by
With a tear in your eye
Not living a personal hell

Like the one that’s getting me down

I drink too much
I smoke too much
I spend too much time in my mind
I can’t shake the thought
that you’re slipping away
A little, with passage of time

I know that’s not true,
That you love me too
That we have to find a new sharing
A place we can live,and love and be whole
In spite of the depth of our caring

Our worlds have been turned upside down

I guess I’ll get by
Hide the tear in my eye
Tow the line and do what I have to

Maybe with time
We’ll find peace in our minds
But Baby
Oh, Baby
How I miss you.

My whole world is turned upside down.