Into the Sunset


The cowboy rides a twisting trail

In sun and rain, in sleet and hail

The weather doesn’t faze him much

It’s Mother Nature’s gentle touch


On balmy nights he sleeps uncovered

Dreams of distant times and lovers

The special one who left his side

Deciding not to share his ride


He sleeps on Mother Nature’s arm

In her embrace he’s safe and warm

He knows she’ll be there when he calls

She’ll be there when he finally falls


A man of simple needs he is

He did his time with wives and kids

Endured the pain that lasts so long

Immortalized in cowboy song


But that’s the life a cowboy leads

A humble man with simple needs

He’ll ride his trail and what it brings

And listen, while Mother Nature sings


Every day is one more blessing

His sins are nothing worth confessing

So down the road he’ll make his way

And live to ride another day


He hopes the trail ahead is long

With time enough to sing his songs

But that’s not up to him these days

His brown is turning into grays


That doesn’t really matter, when

each day is what you’re living in

All he can do is ride the ride

And take whatever comes in stride


He knows one day the trail will end

And he’ll just be ancestral kin

He simply doesn’t think of that

While riding under his big hat


He’s happy just to live today

Let Mother Nature guide his way

Until she brings him home again

To nestle into her warm skin.