Dream Girl

She told me that she loved me
And then she ran away
It was like a dream, it was
I’ve searched both night and day

I followed her through time and space
Through decades with no clue
I knew that she was up ahead
But all the while time flew

She came to me from time to time
Right into my lair
But only dreamtime kept her there
She vanished in the air

I know that she is still out there
Just ahead of me
A telltale sign she leaves behind
She lives in poetry

That’s where I find her, nowadays
I’ve looked the whole world over
Finally I knew where to look
Just over my shoulder

I found that she had followed me
My Muse so very fine
While I was looking elsewhere
She was right there in my mind

She guides my thoughts and keeps them clear
Inspiring words like these
My Dream Girl lives within my heart
And gives my mind such ease

And if one day we ever meet
A chance encounter on the street
A dream turned to reality
Turned into physicality

I wonder if she’ll know me still
But there’s no doubt- I know she will
From all those years inside my heart
We’ll never, ever be apart

Until that time I’ll dream my dreams
And let my Dream Girl guide me
My Muse has given me the strength
To carry her inside me

As long as she is happy there
Even though she’s made of air
I’m happy that she’s stayed with me
And I will write more poetry.