The Race


I heard her squeal, not from delight

From her adjoining room

And then a knock came on my door

She seemed about to swoon


We had parted earlier,

Our business dinner finished

We had laughed and had some fun

Our nervousness diminished


Her flashing eyes and ready laugh

Told me that she had hopes

That there was something more to this

Than showing her the ropes


She knocked again, more urgently

And said she needed rescue

I opened up the door between

Wondering what it led to


Her negligee was black as night

As was the skin beneath

A dusky beauty, stuff of dreams

Such charms she’d been bequeathed!


I did my duty, hunted down

The roach that started this

And made my exit graciously,

Dodged her thank-you kiss


The next day she was cool to me

Assuming I was racist

But that was not the case at all

It wasn’t on that basis


I’ve always followed sage advice

A Mentor once had given

If you’re going to fool around,

Don’t do it where you make your livin’!