Rooster Reflections

My rooster struts everywhere that he goes

I think I know how he feels

Living this life must be taken head on

Like your balls are made of steel

Life must be dealt with the way that it comes

With confidence that you will conquer

Really, it’s easier living this way

But people will think that you’re bonkers.


For Bill:

One more Christmas down

Santa’s made it out of town

Empty bags, our Christmas cheer

is put away until next year…

But wait, is that the way it is?

Start with a rush, end with a fizz?

Christmas Day will come again

Let’s keep the Spirit until then!!



I was just four when the polio came

A matter of having bad luck

It damaged the nerves in my growing young frame

The nerves in my legs were just fucked


Muscles can’t grow and get big without nerves

I grew, but not like a weed

My legs are so skinny they look like a bird’s

…but they’ve met my minimum needs


There have been times I was really perturbed

’cause I looked so different from them

Those who were soft in their comfy suburbs

Who didn’t want to be “him”


It didn’t really bother me much

I knew that they didn’t matter

I had more than my brace and my crutch

My brain had been left unfettered.


My education was second to none

With what I had for my tools

I learned how to have my own kind of fun

From books, and even from school


I married, took jobs, and traveled the globe

Had two fine children to boot

Life has been fine ’cause I made it be so

My birdlegs have carried me through


I’ve climbed mountains and reached the top

Made love to beautiful women

The joy that I’ve known will never be stopped

because it comes from within


“Disability” is a state of mind

A trap that can suck you in

But if you look deeper, you’re likely to find

It’s a place to begin again.


Dreamland (Iconoclast)

There are words that I must say
but I can’t say them…
for my mouth is much too small

There are places I must go
but I can’t go there…
for I am much too tall

There are mountains I must climb
but I can’t climb them…
for fear that I might fall

There’s a world that I must live in
but I won’t live there…
That is all.

Hitler’s Legacy

A pipsqueak of a man
made up a master plan
that would fuck up the world forever

There was no way
the rest of the world
would allow this insane endeavor

We marshaled our forces
and built our defenses
against his deluded advances

The Jewish community
had to lay low;
they couldn’t take any chances

Until the Allies
conquered their foe
and he left this world forever

The coward’s way out
he took his own life
and ended his insane endeavor

But his way of thinking,
his legacy, burns
in the name of righteous morality

To kill for religion’s
as insane as he was
A most irrational duality.


Bred and Whine

She came to see me once or twice
I thought that she was very nice
I didn’t see the other side
Until I started thinking “bride”

That other side, the one she’d hidden
Started to emerge, unbidden
I’d just seen the luscious bits
A perfect ass and bulging tits

She used them to distract my mind
From seeing that she wasn’t kind
She hated animals and kids
(that statement put us on the skids)

In nature she saw bugs and sweat
She wouldn’t garden on a bet
She wouldn’t eat the game I shot
Store-bought food was all I got

Man can’t live being bred alone
There must be more he can count upon


Finding Spring

Spring is beautiful
unimaginably so
from some hiding place

If springtime beauty
doesn’t register, you must
find a better space

Open yourself up
and leave your troubles behind
Let them leave no trace

It’s beautiful here
no matter what the season
when you live in grace